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Why bother going through the process of requesting an Email to send the reg code when all of the reg codes are the same

I decided to install this to mine and my sons computers, so filled in the request form that asks for a name and email only to get the same registration code from both requests. Wouldn't it have been easier to place the reg code n the read me or wrap it with the giveaway set up file?

Whiterabbit-uk, 23.09.2011, 08:27
Idea status: under consideration


borninlyoko, 24.09.2011, 00:54
Because they want to force you subscribe to their email list and possibly have an email to sell. Don't know about the last one, just a possibility.
Jim Cagle, 24.09.2011, 20:45
I sent for code over and over, and it was never sent. So today I uninstalled the crap.

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